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The Upside Down Kingdom: Luke 22:1-30

On Widows & Prophecy: Luke chapter 21

Wise Guys and Starry Skies, An Epiphany Sermon based on Matthew 2:1-12

One Lord, One Allegiance, One Kingdom: Luke 20:19-47

What is God Really Like? John 1:1-14 on the first & last Sunday of Christmastide

The Parable of the Self-Sacrificing, All-Loving Vineyard Owner: Luke 20:1-18

4th Sunday of Advent: Mary Most Blessed: Luke 1:39-56

When God Visited a Den of Thieves: Luke 19:45-48

Third Sunday of Advent 2018: What is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit? Luke 3:15-16 & Zephaniah 3:14-20

Joy & Weeping: Luke 19:28-44 (Bonus: Where did our Bibles come from?)

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