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Interesting word, power. It may refer to control, influence, or dominance. It can mean ability, as in aptitude or skill; strength, as in force or might. It can refer to authority or rights, privileges, entitlement. It is used of nations in the sense of military or economic force. Power refers to influence or dominion. As a verb, power may be used in the sense of causing something to be set in motion; or in the sense of fuel. 

Power can be either negative or positive. In the negative sense, it is sin, diametrically opposed to Kingdom living. In the Kingdom of God, we are never to coerce, dominate, control, or force anything on anyone. Violent power is to be eschewed. 

On the other hand, power as ability, skill, and energy to serve, love, and work for justice is godly and Kingdom-like. It is this latter form of power to which Paull refers in 2 Corinthians when he tells us that God told him that power is perfected in weakness. (2 CO. 12:9). 

We have no desire to follow the way of the world with its violence, control, and coercion; we have every desire to follow the Way of the Lord by using the gifts, skills, and energy God gives us to advance the Kingdom of God by spreading shalom, wholeness, grace, mercy, and the good news of redemption to all.

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