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Jesus is thirsty and needs you to bring Him a drink

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst

I thirst

Humans do not live by bread alone

The most fundamental of human needs are for oxygen, water, food, sleep and shelter. Deprive a person of oxygen for a few seconds and they can think of nothing else. Deprive a human of drink for a day, and, throat parched, lips and tongue swollen and dry; every cell within craves water. Until the need is met, nothing else matters. 

Tempted in the wilderness, and later nailed to a Roman gibbet, Jesus was thirsty. Human, he certainly thirsted for water.

But, Jesus has an even deeper hunger, an even deeper thirst, something that drives and consumes Him even beyond the need for water or oxygen.

His thirst is not for water. His hunger is not for air.

The deepest passion, longing, thirst, hunger of His being is for every human to experientially know God’s unconditional love. 

If we love Him, how can we look at Him in His thirst and not bring Him a drink?

My ministry, my calling, my vocation, is to satiate Jesus’ thirst by bringing God’s love to women and men – in my particular case, by sharing the knowledge of new life in Christ in all its breadth, depth and strength. 

It is why I live.

What is it for you? How has God called you to assuage the thirst of Jesus? 

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