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What is God’s Wrath? (or, Hiding in the Rock of Ages) Revelation chapters 15 & 16

Her name was Tonya

Her name was Tonya.

Sweet, kind, gentle, ragged, homeless, at times clearly having visual hallucinations.

Soft-spoken, gentle eyes, love.

She came for the clothing.

The congregation of the old church had dwindled, but the remnant was generous, caring, big-hearted, oozing with the love of God. They collected piles and piles of beautiful clothing, organized it, and gave it away to anyone in need, along with burgers, hotdogs, chips and hot drinks to brace against the cold.

Unlike all the others, Tonya kept coming.

Week after week.

Asking for nothing.

Robustly singing the old hymns and praying aloud for “the children who don’t have enough to eat.”

After the monthly potlucks, someone would prepare her a plate of leftovers to take with her.

I gave her bus fare once.

She brought me joy.

Then she was no longer there.

The media never bothered to report it.

Just another throwaway human being.

But on the streets they know.


No wake. No funeral. No burial. No mourners.


But I misspoke.

We wept. We mourn.

We remember our sweet homeless sister.

Her name was Tonya.

Now she wears a crown of glory.

Whose Mark Do You Bear? Lamb or Beast? (or, no, the mark of the beast is not a tattoo or a microchip) Revelation chapter 14

Fear causes Hypocrisy; Love overcomes Fear: Luke 12:1-12

Dancing Before the Lord

I rarely remember dreams, although I have them like everyone else. A couple of weeks ago, however, I had a very vivid dream that stuck with me. I was an observer of a beautiful, fluid, African dance. Dressed in brilliant colored gowns and robes, they moved independently, yet collectively, to a captivating drumbeat – the reds, oranges, yellows, and greens of the garments set off by feathered and beaded headdresses. Both the lyrics of the music and, simultaneously, a majestic audible voice declared to me, “Just to watch us dance is to know the Father’s will.”The reference to “Father,” was unmistakably a reference to God, the Father.  The entire scene was extraordinarily beautiful. I have pondered it periodically for several weeks now and think I now see at least a partial meaning. Music is spiritual; it moves the emotions, touches the heart. The message was felt as much as it was heard. The colors and dancing were dazzling, filled with beauty, delight, and joyfulness. The dancers were joyous, enthusiastic, exuberant, aflame with ecstasy. The Father’s will is for His children to sing, dance, celebrate, embrace life to the fullest, soak in the beauty, live in joyous praise. God wants us to bask in love, marinate in grace, luxuriate in mercy, join the dance of the ages, the hymn of the universe. L’chaim!

A Woman, A Dragon, and Two Monsters: Revelation chapter 11:15 through chapter 13

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Witness Without Fear: Revelation chapters 10 & 11

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If God is All Good and All Powerful, Why is there Evil and Suffering in the World? Revelation chapters 7 through 9

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