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Love Others: No Exceptions Matthew 5:43-48

Only Love Can Conquer Hate: Matthew 5:38-42

Jesus: 2nd Adam & New Israel: Luke 3:21-14:13

Prophecy, the Holy Spirit, & John the Baptizer: Luke 3:1-20

Cut off my hand? Seriously, Jesus? Matthew 5:27-30

Jesus is Alive, You Are the Church, Go! Matthew 28

Blessed are the Merciful: Matthew 5:7

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Our slowly forming, ever-evolving vision is to develop a small community of devout believers who want to radically follow the teachings of Jesus by authentically and incarnationally serving others.



A Longing to Make Things Right: Matthew 5:6

Prisoner and Judge: Matthew 27:1-26

Blessed are those who mourn? Matthew 5:4

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