Jesus, Helper of the Helpless. An audio teaching on Mark 5:21-6:6a

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  1. Mary Hatzenbehler

    Quite beautiful!

    I had blazed right past the word “daughter” spoken to the perpetually unclean, ostracized woman, full of fatherly love. Jesus was welcoming her into God’s family! No wonder He didn’t just let her walk away, cured but unconnected. He personally, and warmly, let her know how beloved she was!

    And I remember this use of “talitha” being a “little lamb” but could never verify that sweeter, “little lamb” sense of the word anywhere but in my memory. Hearing it today (again), I think I must have heard it first at Bible College, from you, Pastor Larry! Other preachers just say “little girl.” But I can believe, when it came from the heart of Jesus, the words were more endearing!


    Pastor Larry, do you see here, in the intertwined woman and girl, in their common 12 years, anything about fullness of healing of the gentiles and fullness of blindness upon Israel? Israel is revived to meet her King (again) when the full number of the gentiles are saved? I’ve heard that interpretation.

    Something of the personality of the Lord is lost, however, in ascribing an overtone of prophesy to His personal compassions, as if He was not so concerned with caring for these individuals as with making them into prophetic symbols. The passage gets colder that way.


  2. Mary Hatzenbehler

    Amen to the ending prayer! Good discussion questions after the ending prayer.

    Here are excerpts that touched me on the second hearing:

    Hear the Lord’s words, come to Jesus, touch Him… have an experiential relationship with Jesus.

    Daughter, your faith (trust) has made you whole; go in peace. (Mark 5:21 to 6:6)

    Trusting God opens up the channel for God’s grace, for his rescuing, healing, saving power.

    Our Messiah absorbed our sins in Himself on the cross; conquers hate by love.

    The power of love, the power of sacrifice, the power of the cross, is the greatest, the most powerful power in the entire universe!


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