Challenging the Stats Quo: An Audio Teaching on Acts 16-18

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  1. Mary Hatzenbehler

    The opposite of faith is certainty? Because faith includes doubts and uncertainties? I’m having trouble with this. I have to meet my doubter relatives, a fomidible group of athiests and mockers. I have to be certain that Jesus lives, and that I love Him… so certain that I’m willing to love and forgive these tormenters. They doubt that God is real. Each one sits in a fine home and drives a fine car. Some boast of children who are already highly accomplished. I rent a room from the child of an old friend and live paycheck to paycheck. Each one of them considers me a loser. This is a battle of faith vs doubt. I don’t know how to approach them if I’m in a paradigm where I’m uncertain. Just saying, I don’t see how this approach helps preach the gospel. Maybe I need to listen again.
    By the way, I received no invitation to your Sunday meeting. I thought you were maybe taking a day off! I’m very glad to see that you did preach!


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