Shane Claiborne has often tweeted, “I wish the Democrats cared more about life before birth, and I wish the Republicans cared more about life after birth.”

Me too.

Following Jesus makes me pro-life. I find I am more pro-life than many pro-life people.

For me, pro-life means:

  • Opposing abortion, especially as a means of birth control.
  • Opposing capital punishment. 
  • Opposing war. All war.
  • Opposing all forms of violence
  • Promoting universal healthcare that includes mental health treatment 
  • Eliminating food deserts.
  • Providing safe, affordable housing for everyone.
  • Banning guns except in the hands of trained, vetted and licensed persons
  • Promoting environmentalism – clean air, clean water, less plastic, recycling everything possible, drastically lowering dependency on fossil fuels, promoting clean energy and renewable resources
  • Providing green spaces and recreational areas
  • Providing proper sanitation and clean drinking water worldwide
  • Doing whatever is necessary to reverse global warming
  • Alleviating poverty
  • Alleviating all forms of bigotry, including racism
  • Reforming police agencies
  • Reuniting families
  • Providing drug and alcohol treatment
  • Promoting alternative sentencing for nonviolent offenders
  • Prison reform
  • Revamping exploitative capitalism
  • Standing up against injustice and on the side of the marginalized 
  • Treating others with respect
  • Refusing to manipulate or coerce
  • Welcoming strangers, foreigners, the poor, and the displaced

If you’re going to be pro-life, be pro-life, not just anti-abortion. 

About Dr. Larry Taylor

Radical Anabaptist, Jesus Freak, Red Letter Christian, sailor, thinker, spiritual director, life coach, pastor, teacher, chaplain, counselor, writer, husband, father, grandfather, dog-sitter

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  1. YES, YES, & YES!


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